Choosing the Right Storage Device for your SMB

Small-scale organizations looking to increase storage space or find a safe place to keep backups should definitely consider investing in a freestanding data storage device. While there is a lot of “do-it-yourself” involved in setting up freestanding media storage devices for an enterprise setup, such devices can offer an excellent return on investment, as well as easy and convenient access.

So what are the factors you need to look at before you buy media storage devices for your organization’s SMB network?


It goes without saying that the more money you have to spend, the better and larger the storage device you can get. You can opt for “drive in a box” solutions, which bundle a standalone enclosure with connections and a power supply along with a large, affordable hard disk (usually not an SSD) with capacities up to 500 GB.

Bus or Ethernet

You can choose media storage devices that connect over FireWire or USB or you can choose network-connected devices that connect over 10/100/1000 megabit Ethernet ports. While computer-attached devices are cheaper, they’re massive resource hogs and will cost more in overhead. Network-attached storage (NAS) devices on the other hand cost more but will save you money over the long term. They also come with bundled services, connections, and other functions. Which bring us to our next point.


Multipurpose NAS devices generally come with USB or FireWire ports for directly connecting bus-attached devices directly for increased storage capacity. Some also offer DSL or cable modem hookups for Internet linkage, network-related services such as custom DHCP and NAT configurations, and security features such as firewalls or VPN gateways.

Network Backup Management

Some SMBs only backup shared storage; in which case, key files and data should be stored on a shared device to ensure that it’s protected and available, even if your device goes down or fails for any reason. Many data and media storage devices come bundled with proprietary backup software. However, be on the safe side and be sure to formulate a proper backup plan.





Storing Your Data: The Basics

Every day we create content. This content refers to anything from a text you send your friend to a picture you click on your phone. Unlike the earlier times, all the content we create is now digital. Earlier, people would have physical copies of the content they were creating now but now it’s all digital. With so much data, how does one make sure that all the data is organized and stored securely? This is where media storage devices come into the picture.

Media storage devices are devices that help store all the important data that a person or a company creates. They are a very important asset and help in many ways. There are many different types of media storage devices including personal devices, share storage systems and others. All of them serve the same purpose – to give you a safe and secure home to store your data. However, whether you’re thinking of buying a hard disk or are looking for a share storage system, there are a few things to keep in mind. These are –

First, make sure that the device you choose is of good quality. It is after all the home for all your sensitive data and you must make sure that you can trust it and the company it comes from. Second, make sure that the device has a good back up system in place. In case something goes wrong, there should be a plan B in place. Third, make sure whatever you buy, be it a share storage device or a backup device, it comes up with warranty and a good after-sales service.

Your data deserves the best and you have to make sure to get it. The next time you’re looking for media storage devices, keep these points in mind and you will find the perfect companion for your content!

A Sneak Peek Into The World Of Sonnet

In today’s world, there are very few companies that have been able to create a great impression and then carry it forward for years to come. This is true especially in the world of technology. Technology is one of the fastest developing and most dynamic businesses in the world. People are always looking for the next best thing in this market and been able to create top tech is a very difficult task. However, there is one company which has been able to do this effortlessly and this is Sonnet Tech.

One of the world’s leading innovators and pioneers of performance technology, Sonnet products have won prestigious awards for their commitment to quality and top engineering. A household name, Sonnet believes in giving its customers the best and is always trying out different techniques to develop their tech in such a way that it is able to meet the needs of the present and of the future. Located in Silicon Valley in California, Sonnet is in the middle of the tech world and this is obvious in their products. They specialize in the following fields: Thunderbolt Technology, Multi-Slot Pro Media Readers, Pro Storage and Performance Extending Computer Cards.

So, how does one buy the right Sonnet products for themselves and their work? First, make sure that all the products you buy are from an authorized online digital store. It is very important to only visit those sites or stores that have been verified by Sonnet. Second, make sure you know exactly what you need. There will be many variations of the products that will look like they meet all your needs but you need to look closely to find the perfect one. Third, make sure that you physically try the product before you actually buy it. It’s important to get a feel of it beforehand.

With all these points in mind, you’ll be able to choose the right Sonnet products for all your needs!

Equip With Technology

The significance of audio-visual technology in education has been underestimated. This could be possibly because an interactive and stimulating learning environment created through AV equipment. Furthermore, since living the audio-visual age means possessing the skills to operate AV equipment is essential for employment prospects in the future. Hence, AV technology education proves to be imperative.


Currently used AV technology is the interactive whiteboard. This product is one of the many audio visual installations worldwide that has a figure in millions- over 2. It has also continued to show growth. It was predicted that by 2013 there would be one classroom, out of every 5, with a whiteboard installed. In the digital age, children have been exposed to AV equipment since an early age, to devices such as iPod, TV, DVD, gaming stations- Nintendo Wii etc. Statistics prove that children are not only interest but also capable of learning and navigating AV technologies.


In schools, AV technology may have been used for years but its forms were restricted- TV and video players to view educational movies or documentaries. These educational films are now showed by the computer. Not only that, but also homework is being increasingly done on computers or laptops.


Different kinds of children learn differently. Audio visual installations enables the teachers to stimulate every student’s learning process with a mix of sounds, pictures, and gripping media. AV equipment surrounds us and kids are eager to comprehend technology and remain updated with applied science. This opportunity facilitates learning.


The awareness and employment of AV equipment is increasing amongst schools. The fact that AV equipment is used in delivering educational material and information ensures us that the children will not only be exposed to, but also will become proficient in using it. It would be considered depriving the children of a vital learning opportunity if they are not made to use or exposed to the various forms of technology.








Your Guide To Choosing The Right Media Production Equipment

The world of media is one of the most dynamic areas that we have created. It is ever changing in all its aspects, from the type of equipment that is used to make the media to the thoughts that are being shared by media. Let’s talk about equipment a little bit more. Since most media has either an audio or visual aspect or both, it is important that creators used good quality audio and video production equipment. Audio or video production equipment refers to equipment that is used to create content that is good quality and is able to convey the message the needed. However, all media when just created is quite raw and needs to be edited and re-worked on to create a final edit that can be shared with the world. This is what the post production process refers to. In this process it is important that the quality control first starts with post production equipment and then moves on to the labor.

However, since there is so much equipment to choose from, be it video production equipment or post production equipment, one can get easily confused. How does one choose the right product for them? Here a few tips to help you out. First, make sure that the company you buy from has a good reputation in the market and is well-respected. Second, buy from the official store or verified sellers to get an authentic product. Third, make sure you do a quality control of the product before you buy it. Last, make sure that the product and the company have customer care centers in place and will be able to help you if you need.

With all these tips in mind, we’re sure you will be able to choose the right equipment and create content on another level!

The Story Of Blackmagic Design

“Blackmagic Design is dedicated to allowing the highest quality video to be affordable to everyone, so the post production and television industry can become a truly creative industry.” – Grant Petty, CEO

Today’s world is run by media. From advertisements to TV shows, we are bombarded with information all the time which is trying to convince us to buy products or follow ideas. For all this media to be as powerful as needed, it is important that the equipment that is used to create it is also excellent. This is where the market for creative content equipment comes into the picture. There are many brands in the market that create excellent products, however one stands out from them all – Blackmagic.

Blackmagic Design is one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology. They work with one philosophy – to make sure that creativity blossoms. All the Blackmagic products are created with the finest quality parts at most affordable prices to make sure that everyone has a chance to create. All the equipment is the epitome of quality and stability to the extent that they have award-winning Blackmagic products that have become an industry standard.

A global leader, Blackmagic believes in sharing the gift of creativity and content with the world and go beyond just being a production plant. They want to help people turn their dreams to reality and to nurture their creative side. With offices in United States, Europe, Australia and Asia, Blackmagic has a far reach. If you’re looking to buy Blackmagic products, make sure that you buy from a reputed third party or from their website itself. Also, make sure the product is authentic.

So, if you’re looking to begin your career in the creative field and are looking for the perfect tools to help you succeed then Blackmagic products are for you. Happy creating!

The Beginners Guide To Buying A Camera

The role of media in our lives is huge. From our smartphones to the internet, we as humans are always consuming information. This information can be in the form of pictures, music, video or text. Whatever it is, all media has both an audio and visual aspect to it. Let’s focus on the visual aspect. Mostly all media has a visual aspect as we as humans retain a lot more information when we see it directly. And most of this visual media is shot on cameras. Cameras are hardware equipment that are used to record and shoot images and videos. Though earlier cameras were used for professional needs, now they have a more personal role in our lives. Most people take up the camera as a hobby or for a profession. Camera & camera accessories are an integral part of creating top quality content.

Camera accessories refer to those accessories that help create better content and manage the camera, like tripods, camera bags, lenses, cleaning kits, filters, audio adapters, lens cap, external hard drive, back up battery, and more. If you have good quality camera accessories, it is essential that you have a good camera. Buy how does one buy the perfect camera? Here are a few tips.

When you buy professional cameras, keep these things in mind. First, make sure that the camera you buy has a good review online. It should have a high rating and its better if it has been recommended by someone. Second, make sure that the camera has the right price. You should be getting all the features you need within the price you’re paying. Make sure you don’t shoot your budget. Third, make sure that you do a physical quality test before you actually buy it. Last, make sure the camera has warranty on it and the brand you buy from does good after sales services.

With all these points in mind, you’re sure to buy professional cameras that are perfect for you!