Equip With Technology

The significance of audio-visual technology in education has been underestimated. This could be possibly because an interactive and stimulating learning environment created through AV equipment. Furthermore, since living the audio-visual age means possessing the skills to operate AV equipment is essential for employment prospects in the future. Hence, AV technology education proves to be imperative.


Currently used AV technology is the interactive whiteboard. This product is one of the many audio visual installations worldwide that has a figure in millions- over 2. It has also continued to show growth. It was predicted that by 2013 there would be one classroom, out of every 5, with a whiteboard installed. In the digital age, children have been exposed to AV equipment since an early age, to devices such as iPod, TV, DVD, gaming stations- Nintendo Wii etc. Statistics prove that children are not only interest but also capable of learning and navigating AV technologies.


In schools, AV technology may have been used for years but its forms were restricted- TV and video players to view educational movies or documentaries. These educational films are now showed by the computer. Not only that, but also homework is being increasingly done on computers or laptops.


Different kinds of children learn differently. Audio visual installations enables the teachers to stimulate every student’s learning process with a mix of sounds, pictures, and gripping media. AV equipment surrounds us and kids are eager to comprehend technology and remain updated with applied science. This opportunity facilitates learning.


The awareness and employment of AV equipment is increasing amongst schools. The fact that AV equipment is used in delivering educational material and information ensures us that the children will not only be exposed to, but also will become proficient in using it. It would be considered depriving the children of a vital learning opportunity if they are not made to use or exposed to the various forms of technology.









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