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Excellence of DaVinci Resolve 14

What is DaVinci Resolve? How does it work? What are its advantages? Why is it important? DaVinci Resolve is a software designed that ensures incredible speed and revolutionary collaboration in order to enable you to create something that is impossible to be created with any other tools. It is one of the world’s fastest growing and most advanced editing software designed to offer incredibly new and efficient professional Fairlight audio tools that cater film and television post production. Ensuring smooth and easy switch between editing, color correcting, audio mastering, and delivery. In simple words, DaVinci Resolve 14 is a revolution in post-production. It comes with hundreds of editing features and professional audio, making sure you don’t miss out on anything that’s new and the best in the industry. Moreover, it creates a better scope of creativity for those who’re bored of the standard editing techniques and results.

Engineered with some new professional tools, DaVinci Resolve Studio manages to better the audio post production. Thanks to the high performance Fairlight audio in the same software, it is easy to process the editing levels. It is also the perfect workflow that supports the record and ADR with sound editing, sound effects, sweetening, and mixing. DaVinci Resolve is not just a post-production hero, but also a leading software for creative and online editing. It is devised as a high-performance playback engine. DaVinci Resolve 14 also provides excelling editing tools with the following features –

Hardware Control Panels

Featuring control panels, DaVinci Resolve enables you to create every single look that would simply be impossible with an ordinary mouse. These panels are divided into control knob, buttons, and switches that instinctively let you touch every part of the image with precision and detailing.

Media and Delivery

Importing, syncing, and organizing of footages is no more a task, thanks to DaVinci Resolve 14 that makes these processes faster than ever. This software comes with all that you need or might need in order to deliver projects in virtually any format while also helping you get your work done quickly and catch up with your deadlines.

Color Correction Ability

Ideal for feature films and television shows, the Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve provides the most powerful primary and secondary correction tools. Moreover, you can also avail the advanced curve editor, tracking and stabilization, noise reduction as well as Resolve FX features.

Professional Editing

DaVinci Resolve enables both creative and online editing with the help of virtually imaginable editing and trimming tool. While maintaining excellence in professionalism with its fast speed and high-quality results, this software also lets the focused users to play new and advanced tricks with the editing tools.

The To-Dos for a Film Maker

Cinematographers across the world love working with super detailed 8K cinema cameras. There’s a difference between the standard cameras and the ones that professionals use. Every camera has a specific range and the dynamic range of a camera is the measured based on the range in the luminance it can capture. Plus, the dynamic range is one of the most important areas in which digital sensors fall short during digital comparison. With amazing lighting and working, there are professional cameras that are of great help. Despite of this, there were quite a few limitations in the older digital cameras. Today, Blackmagic cinema camera has an amazing range to start your career with.

A film maker ought to be aware of number of aspects. Following are the important aspects –

Proper evaluation of your requirements and budget

Deciding on a camera that suits well for your current or upcoming projects depends entirely on your needs and budget with a realistic evaluation. For those who’re new to the filmmaking line, it is important for them to pick on a more affordable option, instead of directly choosing the most amazing one.

Quick check on sensitivity and low-light performance

Owing to the requirement of a low-light performance, the cameras play a major role in the life of photographers. But at the same time, it is also ideal for students, amateurs, or Indie filmmakers, working with smaller and larger production packages. The Canon C300 Mark II and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera are cameras with adjustable lighting for optimal performance.

Presentation Counts

Thanks to the top professional cameras, it is possible to produce images that look as close to film as possible. Among the best digital cinema cameras, there are very few you’ll be satisfied with and would refer back to film as the reference point.

Advantages of Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Blackmagic has some amazing choices of professional cameras for passionate photographers. These portable cameras come with an additional professional kit, including lighting rigs, lenses, filters, and many other camera accessories and are affordable for everyone to buy. Be it a film at the cinema or at home, you will surely notice the precise difference in the images and moments that are captured on an HD video camera and on a professional one. Black magic believes in engineering excellence with a fresh and simple psychology. Its innovations are precisely the ones that the professional filmmakers desire to possess. Every Blackmagic Cinema camera is engineered for high performance. Following are the beneficial features of a pocket cinema camera:

Elegant Modern Design

Portable and fully-expandable, this incredible camera is designed to give you amazing mobility with zero compromise on features. It is highly compact, durable, and lightweight camera comes with a reinforced composite body.

Easy Compatibility

Designed for smaller cameras with shorter focal distance, the original pocket cinema camera comes with high quality professional lenses. The MFT mount system is extremely flexible and enables different lens adaptors for easy connection.

Portable, Affordable, and Professional

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has a portable design and is engineered to give you all the professional features you might need as a photographer. This affordable camera can be used anywhere without any hassle. It is perfect for you to shoot independent films and documentaries, fashion shows, travel blogs, web videos, weddings, and more. Also, this camera ensures amazing image quality with advanced color science and RAW recording features and is devised for you to shoot images with nothing, but professionalism.

Professional Audio

With excellence professionalism, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera also ensures high fidelity just so you don’t have to carry around a separate sound recorder. It helps you connect professional microphones like lapel mics and booms.

Flexible Power Options

This high-performance Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K comes with international socket adapters for you to use it anywhere and everywhere. It ensures you a wide range of flexible and undisturbed power options if you’re someone who indulge in shooting all day.

Advanced Connections

The small and portable Cinema camera is engineered with a full-size, built-in HDMI connector. It also has some advanced features like HDR output with on-screen overlays showing full camera status. This feature makes it perfect for on-set monitoring. Moreover, it makes it an absolutely professional options for those who desire uncompromised quality when it comes to the image definition.

Super Large Touchscreen

The back of this brilliant camera features a super bright, large 5 inch touchscreen that manages to make it super easy for you to frame shots and focus with precision. It saved you from carrying around an external monitor or viewfinder. Moreover, you get to stay tuned to the instructions and steps. These steps include recording parameters, status, histogram, focus and peaking indicators, and playback controls. Thus, all these features help in making this camera undoubtedly an ideal pick for professionals who believe photography is much more than just taking pictures.

Important features of Ultrastudio and USRA mini Pro

Blackmagic is one of the leading brands that create products with innovation in the techniques and freshness in the philosophy. Its designs have been engineered with a fresh sense of creativity and make technology a world worth investing in. Blackmagic has engineered the UltraStudio mini models for those who need more space for capture or playback. The Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro ensures easy capture and transfer of an SDI or HDMI camera signal to your computer that would help you in further editing and other applications. Engineered with SDI and HDMI inputs and a Thunderbolt output, this recorder also supports excellent resolutions. Moreover, it is devised with Blackmagic Media Express software to enable you to accept and encode incoming footage just according to what fits your workflow the best. Compatible with video software, the URSA Mini Pro offers excellent performance for you to work with the highest quality video resolutions with blazingly fast Thunderbolt.

Moreover, UltraStudio is the perfect solution for use with routers owing to its efficient work with any Mac OS X and Windows video software. It comes with brilliant video support, multi-channel audio support, timecode support, and close caption data support. Plus, it is designed precisely to provide effective support for the built-in conversion for you to send data to systems, running separate SD and HD routers. There are multi-rate SDI connections that are devised to ensure excellent support for newer router designs. As we move further, Blackmagic has engineered the URSA Mini 4.6 k to enable you to connect the UltraStudio to professional equipment with any type of video and audio connection, professional deck control, and external reference inputs.

UltraStudio ensures high performance with high quality and is devised for on set color correction, editing, visual effects, and video streaming. The compact and lightweight UltraStudio HD Mini and UltraStudio Mini models are designed to be extremely portable, high performance capture and playback devices of the highest quality. Thanks to the Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro, this “three-in-one camera” is a brilliant combination of high end digital film quality and the ergonomics. It also fulfills all the broadcasters’ needs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on set, on location or shooting run and gun, URSA Mini Pro promotes excellence in image quality and all that you might need to work on any kind of project. This is surely the perfect choice for any kind of work from high end feature films, television shows and commercials, to independent films, broadcast news, and live production. URSA Mini Pro is devised with beyond Ultra HD 4.6K resolution and 15 stops of dynamic range. Passionate, creative enthusiasts will surely love this whole concept of technology. With brilliance and perfection, the URSA Mini is a powerful and robust camera. These are affordable URSA Mini 4K and URSA Mini 4.6K models with amazing cinema quality. Blackmagic tends to bring out the best out of the good and adds a phenomenal piece of innovation in this world of technology. URSA is one good example of excellence in plenty.

Technology at its Best

We all know that technology is on a developing spree, and the brands are constantly working on changing their thoughts to be simple and refreshing. Blackmagic is surely one of the leading innovators of creativity in technology. It has taken the scope of innovations one step up, thanks to the freshness in psychology and newness in creativity. Ikan bring the teleprompters that offer excellent compatibility with the latest systems. The basic purpose of a teleprompter box is to do it yourself. Several sites on the web avail you with the guidelines that lead you to building a teleprompter with the help of an iPad. Featuring a simple and thoughtful design, the teleprompter is a devise that displays scrolling text in front of the camera’s lens while also enabling you to look directly into the camera to address the audience. This device is affordable and ensure easy mounting and brilliance, all in one box. Also, they offer easy mounting on the front of any camera and are perfect for internal use at times when the subject is only couple of meters away from the camera, capturing it.

The other amazing innovation of technology is the Sonnet Echo Express. This is built for excellent speed and breakthrough bandwidth for external expansion, which is just perfect to support the maximum performance of most PCIe cards. Moreover, there are some high bandwidth cards such as 16Gb Fibre channel, multi-port 10 Gigabit Ethernet cards, or multiple bandwidth-hungry cards that need more than 10Gbps. Thanks to the Thunderbolt 2, you will surely be able to remove the slightest barrier by simply providing more bandwidth for demanding applications. Echo Express SE II’s Thunderbolt 2 interface is meant to take overall advantage of this increased bandwidth while also contributing largely in ensuring unmatched performance when the chassis is connected to any Thunderbolt 2-equipped computer.

HDMI Splitters – The best Audio and Video Connectors

The high definition devices are very common these days. Customers choose to invest their money on the high performance, high definition devices instead of regular devices. The major reason for this is that HD devices produce greater audio and video quality. Every house, every office has people fighting over who will have access to the television or the music system. This is a repeated scenario across the globe. However, to tackle this issue, we have the splitters which double the viewing pleasure. The compact audio/video connector, High-Definition Multimedia Interface is engineered for transmitting uncompressed digital streams and can be used to duplicate the signal from your cable box just so you can watch it on two televisions. Plus, you can also split the cable and plug directly into both the television and the home theater system.

An HDMI splitter is designed to support single cable, any TV or PC video format, including standard, enhanced and high-definition video. Enabling HDMI connections to multiple HDTV displays and supports HD resolutions, the HDMI splitters ensure brilliant performance. It is ideal for digital signage, home theater & other video splitter applications and provides a flexible distribution hub. Thanks to the 4×4 HDMI Matrix Unit, you will have easy access to TCP/IP. With a plug and play system, the HDMI Splitter ensures excellent functionality. Also, HDMI is ideal to integrate all video and sound signals onto a single, thin cable in order to ease the process of connecting the components together instead of converting digital signals into the uncompressed digital format.

Ikan has also engineered the HDMI splitter that will undeniably continue to be the de-facto standard owing to its best picture quality. The uncompressed digital format & HDMI enable the content providers to ensure the intellectual property to be protected through the HDCP.

Davinci Resolve and its Wonders

With multiple features and ensuring various benefits, DaVinci Resolve Studio is the best solution that teams up professional offline with online editing, color correction, and audio post production, all in one software tool. Offering flexibility with creativity, DaVinci Resolve 15 is designed for passionate artists to explore different toolsets. It also lets you collaborate and bring people with different creative talents together. All it takes is a single click to move between editing, color, effects, and audio options. Moreover, there wouldn’t be a need to export or translate files between separate software tools. You know why? Because, DaVinci Resolve 15 is an all-in-one software application. Unlike other applications, it doesn’t stick to one concept, leaving the rest behind.

DaVinci Resolve 15 is known to be the only post production software that spells true collaboration of features. Multiple editors, assistants, colorists, VFX artists and sound designers can all work on the same project at the same time with sheer precision and excellent professionalism. No matter at what level you’re working, DaVinci Resolve 15 makes it effortless and easy to finish multiple projects in a commendable period of time. DaVinci Resolve offers everything that a professional editor would need while creating an amazing piece of art in films, television shows, and commercials. Moreover, it enables both, offline and online editing. Ensuring high performance, the playback engine eases the process of editing and trimming and makes it incredibly fast.

This professional software also offers fusion effects, making for the world’s most advanced compositing software for artists and motion graphic animators. Thus, creating cinematic feature film with quality visual effects and stunning broadcast motion graphic animations is no more a task. All you got to do the having to switch software applications. As we go further, the other benefits of DaVinci Resolve 15 is that is makes importing, syncing and organizing footage quicker than expected. It features everything you would need to deliver the best result in the most unexpected formats. So, get this ever-amazing software to ensure that you don’t miss out on any deadlines and deliver the best of the best.